Client: SwitchboardFREE

Date: 6th February 2014

Project Description:

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since the amazing London Olympics of 2012. However, the years have passed and it’s time for the Winter Olympics.

To show their support for the 2014 British Winter Olympics team, SwitchboardFREE asked me to design a series of Winter Olympics themed Chunky wallpapers. These wallpapers were produced in a number of sizes to fit most screen resolutions. They could be downloaded from the SwitchboardFREE Blog.

A total of 4 wallpapers were eventually produced:

  1. Commemorating the games itself with a stylised Olympic torch
  2. Combining the themes of ski-jumping and call tracking
  3. Combining the themes of never missing a call again with curling
  4. Combining the themes of the Bob Sleigh with Auto Attendant

All 4 of the posters were well received and each was downloaded a number of times. Nowhere were they more evident than in the SwitchboardFREE offices, where every desktop featured at least one of them in support of the British Winter Olympics team.

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