Client: Windsor Thompson

Date: 10th June 2014

Project Description:

Windsor Thompson is a financial claims company.  They have helped a lot of people either reclaim money from Payment Protection Insurance (P.P.I), reduce their debt or sort out their pensions.

The project was to try to help raise interest in their services by designing a number of clean and modern ads. These adverts would be placed in a number of newspapers all around the UK, specifically targeting local communities.

The aim was to create adverts that were finished to a higher standard than the typical advert found in the average local newspaper. For the most part they were designed to look fresh, modern and minimalist.

However, with one advert we decided to break the theme by putting something of a friendlier face on pensions. With Windsor Thompson’s help, this relaxed and happy granddad doesn’t have a worry in the world and can enjoy his retirement.

Article Type:

Pension Ad for Windsor Thompson

Pension Ad 02

Debt Ad

Debt Ad