There's more to love with a Chunky Website There's more to love with a Chunky Webiste

Chunky websites perform for you on today's mobile devices

As of 2014, about half the traffic coming to your website will most likely be from a mobile device. Chunky websites cater for this right from the start by using responsive design. This means that your website automatically adapts to whatever screen size it's viewed on.

Don't lose business from customers who find you on their mobile devices. Get yourself a Chunky website and make sure you look good in any situation.

Chunky websites are future-ready and built to last

All Chunky websites are designed to look good, work reliably and achieve your business goals. To insure this happens, Chunky websites are built to the latest web standards. This makes every website as up-to-date and future-proof as possible.

Your Chunky website, that is fresh, fast and effective, will perform when you need it to most.

Chunky websites are search engine friendly, leaving you in the top-spot

Search engine friendly websites get more traffic. More traffic converts into better results for your business.

Great search results can't be guaranteed. But, your Chunky website will be created using the latest SEO guidelines and techniques. This increases your chances of good search results bringing you more business through your website.

Chunky websites let you add/change content yourself

Want to make changes to your website at a moment's notice? Maybe you want to add a new page or update your price list. With a Chunky website you can do this easily.

Chunky websites are developed using WordPress as a Content Management System. This means that you will have complete control over the content of your website. It is easy to use and allows you to edit your website at any time and with no hassle.

Chunky websites are custom designs made just for you

Chunky websites are not off-the-shelf solutions or one-size-fits-all designs. Your website will be custom created to fit your needs, suit your tastes and attain whatever goals you want it to achieve.

A website built just for you is the best way to ensure that your website stands out from the crowd and it is the perfect tool for your business.

Not enough? There's still more to love



The Chunky Designer has designed and maintained many successful brands. Give your brand the Chunky treatment to improve its visibility and impact.



An illustration can be the perfect way to add some personality to a design. It can also take the edge off otherwise intimidating information.

And More...

And more...

The Chunky Designer has experience with most aspects of design. Whatever the project, it will benefit from the Chunky treatment.

With so much to love, what are you waiting for?

Websites, branding, illustration and more. The Chunky Designer is the only contact you need for all your design requirements.

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