Client: Liquid 11

Date: 24th May 2012

Project Description:

Liquid 11 were one of the first company’s in the UK to take delivery of a Renault Twizy. They bought the car as part of their campaign to make a greener company. This electric car coupled with the new charge points the company has had installed take a big step towards achieving their goals.

These photos were part of a series of such photos taken for promotional purposes. These images were to be released as a press release, to local media and over social media to help bring some attention to Liquid 11.

They are all set either outside Liquid 11’s offices, or at the International Boat Building College in Oulton Broad. The boat college proved to be a picturesque background for these photos. I think that the contrast between old modes of transport and modern worked quite well in these images.

These pictures were eventually published as a press release. They were also used on the Liquid 11 website, by the local media and disceminated across social media. A few other photos from this series made it onto the front of invitations for the company. They were also gifted to the International Boat Building College for use in publicity if needed.

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Twizy 06

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