Client: Trust your tradesmen

Date: 28th January 2014

Project Description:

Trust your Tradesmen is an online service that gives recommendations for trusted tradesmen… yep, it’s all right there in the name.

They came to me looking for some new branding that included a fun and friendly logo, preferably with an illustrated mascot. The idea behind this was to be able to put a friendly face on their brand and help promote the fact that their tradesmen could definitely be trusted. Along with this however, they also didn’t want to have their website and brand seem too playful as it still needs to be a trusted website.

The first logo/mascot on this page was the first design I came up with. They were happy at first. However, after putting a few adverts into local papers to test this logo, the feedback that returned was that they wanted another mascot that looked happier.

I could see how this might be a problem for a mascot without eyes or a mouth. So I gave it another shot, hitting the sketchbook again and constantly thinking, “Smile”. This led me to create some kind of hybrid of Bob the builder and the Cheshire cat. With a grin that wouldn’t look out of place on a game show host, this character certainly seemed friendly enough.

The feedback they got from this mascot was good enough for me to get started on the website, and he’s been the face of Trust your Tradesmen ever since.


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Trust your tradesmen v1


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