Client: SwitchboardFREE

Date: 3rd September 2013

Project Description:

SwitchboardFREE is 7 this year. In order to celebrate 7 successful years of business, SwitchboardFREE commissioned this infographic.

An infographic is an interesting way of getting across a large amount of information. It relies on strong graphics to relay information in a hopefully easy to understand manner. The aim is to create something that is both interesting and engaging to help educate an audience.

For the 7 years of SwitchboardFREE there were more than a large number of interesting facts to focus on. We chose the most interesting 7 for this infographic, one for each year. From that point it was a case of designing a visual style and some interesting graphics to help get this information across.

Along with other things, this infographic helped inform existing customers of how useful SwitchboardFREE is to businesses. It was also released in a variety of places to help educate people not already using SwitchboardFREE on why they should start.

There are of course other facts on there that might not have so much of a sales related purpose. Being as this is a fun document to celebrate a birthday though, we felt that this was fine by us. It’s amazing how relatively small numbers can add up over 7 years when there’s more than 35,000 people contributing to that data.

Article Type:

SwitchboardFREE Infographic