Web Design

Nothing has a bigger impact your business than a good web presence. However, with so much competition, your website needs to stand out from the rest.

Chunky websites are unique, professional, look great and will perform for your business. All Chunky websites are created to the highest web standards, and by using WordPress, your website can be edited by you.

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Good branding is at the heart of all businesses and it's much more than just a logo.

A good brand will instantly create a visual identity for your business. It will help portray your company values, indicate the personality of your business, and help your customers choose you over anyone else. It will be the first thing a customers sees and the last thing they remember.

Chunky brands are professional, meaningufl to your business and are specifically designed to work for your business.

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Book Cover Design

Sadly, writing an amazing book isn't enough for it to be a success, it needs to look good too. As much as people shouldn't judge a book by its cover, that's exactly what they do, and if you want your book to sell then you will need a cover that stands out from the rest.

Chunky Book Covers are custom designed to fit the content of your book, your tastes and your requirements. They will not only look good, but they are meaningful and fitting to your book.

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Bespoke Graphic Design

From scratch cards to car wraps, wall murals to branded notebooks, newspaper ads to television commericals. I've had the opportunity to design on a number of mediums over the years and I'm always on the look out for something new.

One of the best things about being a designer is getting to do something new every day so if you've got a bespoke design need that could do with the Chunky treatment, feel free to get in contact with me. Whatever the challenge, I'm sure I can help.

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Illustration can be a great way to add an element of fun to your brand, website, office... anywhere really.

Chunky Illustrations are especially great for creating an informal feel and for taking the edge off daunting or overwhelming information you are trying to communicate.

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Photography is the one skill that I don't offer as a commercial service. Whilst I love photography and I do use it in the course of some projects, I am not a professional photographer.

However, I do know my way around a camera so where necessary, I do utilise this skill when a design calls for it from time to time. For an example of how I might use photography in my designs, please take a look at my Christmas card collection in the design section.

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