Client: Grant Hardy

Date: 10th August 2012

Project Description:

No5 Bussey Loke is an attractive new build in Bradwell, near Great Yarmouth. In spite of having many great selling points, the estate agents in the area were not doing a good job promoting it. Unhappy with this service, I was contacted to give this property the Chunky treatment.

The first aspect of this brief was to create some attractive photos. I spent a good few hours snapping shots of the property. I focused on the unique features of the building as well as getting over-all shots. These photos were passed onto the estate agents to update their profiles.

The second part of this brief was to design a micro-site that would help sell the home.

Because the building is very modern, I felt a minimalist look would work best here. I created a single page website that showcased the photos that I took of the property. Primarily the photos did the talking but there were a few key paragraphs to explain some of the features.

The client spent a lot of time pushing this website on social media and through his own contacts. Shortly after the building finally started getting some interest. Within a few months, it had sold.

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