There's more to love with Chunky Branding There's more to love with Chunky Branding
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Chunky logos are custom designed for your business

It is impossible to overstate the importance of your company's brand, and therefore the importance of a good logo.

All Chunky logos are designed from the ground up with your company values in mind. By incorporating your individual requirements into every custom logo design, we can tailor make your design to fit your needs. This ensures that your new logo is the best possible logo for your business.

A Chunky logo will help you stand out from your competition

Your logo is the first thing your customers will see of your business and it is your first chance to separate yourself from your competition.

A good logo should represent your company values, help inform people what you do, and it should look professional. All Chunky logos are designed from scratch with these values in mind, so your logo can outperform the competition.

Chunky logos are designed to work at any size

From letterheads to the side of a van, from t-shirts to signage; your logo will need to work at a variety of different sizes.

Chunky logos are all designed so that they look great and work to their full potential whether they are shrunk down small enough to fit on a profile picture, or blown up large enough to cover a billboard. Your new logo will always look its best, no matter how you use it.

Not enough? There's still more to love

Web Design

Web Design

A good web presence is vital to any modern author. Take control of how your potential readers see you online with a beautiful website built specifically for you.



An illustration can be the perfect way to add some personality to a design. It can also take the edge off otherwise intimidating information.

And More...

And more...

The Chunky Designer has experience with most aspects of design. Whatever the project, it will benefit from the Chunky treatment.

With so much to love, what are you waiting for?

Websites, branding, illustration and more. The Chunky Designer is the only contact you need for all your design requirements.

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