Client: Liquid 11

Date: 14th September 2012

Project Description:

It surprises a lot of people that the ‘About Us’ page on their websites gets so much traffic. Who would have thought that people are so interested in the staff of a business? The thing is that people like to know the faces behind the company, so your About Us page needs to stand out.

Liquid 11 like to push their company message of innovation to the full. They are creative and always thinking about the future. I was tasked with coming up with staff images that were not what people expected.

Let me free in Photoshop and I am in my element. I could happily spend all day there making and manipulating images. Therefore this was something of a dream project for me and I was more than happy to get underway.

The Liquid 11 staff were surprisingly accommodating when I asked them to pose with a large green exercise ball. They were even quite creative with how they interacted with the ball. However, I did get the usual funny looks as I took these odd photos back to my computer.

As the images started to come together the staff attitudes changed. Everyone was excited about the direction they were headed and they even asked for copies. Those copies have found their way onto desktops and social media profiles. No matter where they show up, they never fail to raise comments.

That was the key result of this project. If nothing else they’re a talking point that raises the profile of Liquid 11. That’s one of the primary purposes of an About Us page.

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