Client: Fonehouse Great Yarmouth

Date: 15th November 2011

Project Description:

In 2011, a new branch of Fonehouse based in Bradwell near Great Yarmouth, opened it’s doors. In order to raise awareness of the business and for their own records, I was asked to go in and take a few photos.

I took a large number of photos for a variety of uses. Beyond the ones featured on this page I spent a great deal of time taking photos of individual features that were used for promotional purposes to advertise this new Fonehouse store.

The photos on this page detail the store and the staff. They were used in promotional pieces for the business. A number of photos made it into a few press releases. More were released on the internet and as part of social media campaigns.

A lot of these photos found their way into adverts and websites to help promote the company and we found them to be helpful. They were good at giving people an idea of what to expect upon arrival.

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Outside Store 01

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Outside Store 02

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Outside Store 03

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Fonehouse Staff 01