Client: Chunky Photos

Date: 7th December 2007

Project Description:

These pictures were taken as part of a project about the possible death of technology. It was part of an anthology magazine where designers would each create a piece of work based on this theme.

In order to get these pictures I set fire to computer equipment and took photos of the results. In some of the photos it is easy to see the equipment on fire and in others it is not so clear. However, even the abstracted ones had a beautiful element to them. That fact has seen this series of pictures put to use far beyond their initial mandate.

These pictures have been used in a number of projects beyond the initial one that caused me to unleash my inner arsonist in the first place. It is one of the benefits of a good photoshoot where you own the full rights to the images. Just because the initial purpose is used up, doesn’t mean that the photos can’t be used again and again, just for different purposes.

I also see it as a lesson to never throw a photo away. Computer storage is cheap these days so there really is no downside to hanging onto the image assets from old projects.

Article Type:

Death of Technology by fire 01

Death of Technology 02

Death of Technology 03

Death of Technology 04

Death of Technology 05

Death of Technology 06

Death of Technology 07

Death of Technology 08

Death of Technology 09