Client: DS Sports Massage

Date: 28th November 2016

Project Description:

DS Sports Massage offers sports massage therapy to people in and around Newcastle. Their website was designed to:

  1. Help educate potential clients about the benefits of sports massage
  2. Showcase the services and treatments offered by DS Sports Massage
  3. Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch

This website automatically resizes to look its best on any device. Whether coming to it on a phone, tablet or computer, their website visitors will always get the best browsing experience possible.

It is also built using WordPress. This means that DS Sports massage are in complete control of the content of their website. These changes they can make to their content include the ability to:

  1. Edit, add or remove any text and images
  2. Create/remove pages
  3. Manage their social media links
  4. Edit their navigation
  5. Create blog/latest news articles

Check out the website by visiting

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