Client: DL Plastering

Date: 2nd October 2015

Project Description:

DL Plastering are plasterers based in Pembrokeshire.

They came to me looking for a new logo for their company as well as some ideas of how they could put that logo to use. Their main goals for their new branding was to increase awareness for their company and make them look more professional.

After initial discussions about what kind of branding they were after, I started work with the following points in mind:

  1. They wanted to make what they do clear in the logo
  2. The branding should have a modern feel
  3. The logo needed to feel professional rather than playful
  4. They liked minimalist design

I did my best to ensure that the logo I came up with ticked all the right boxes and the finished result was well received. From that point we talked about applications.

One of the most obvious places to put their logo was on T-shirts. As plasterers their clothes get messy quite quickly. Having a variety of branded t-shirts that they could swap out every day would help improve their image as well as promote their company.

The t-shirt designs you see here are simple and work with a variety of colours including high-visibility clothing. This helped the t-shirts get more impact when being worn on jobs that span multiple days.

The business cards had much the same goals as the logo. They needed to be minimal, explain clearly what they do and look professional. I designed a card that used a subtle spot UV coating to create a glossy brick effect on the back to make them stand out.

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DL Plastering Logo in Blue

DL Plastering T-shirts

DL Plastering Business Cards