Halloween 2015

3rd November 2015

These are a collection of photos taken this year that underwent the Chunky Treatment. This project was just a bit of fun, but I think these photos are a pretty good representation of the kind of things that can be done with photos. They are also a good example of how far a photo can be taken, no matter what […]

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Tenby – Harbour, beach and other sites

14th April 2015

This small selection of photos were taken in the beautiful seaside town of Tenby in West Wales.

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Animals of Oulton Broad

19th February 2014

Along with being a picturesque place to work, Oulton Broad provided me with some interesting routes to walk on my lunch break. One of those routes was the footpath around the broads that starts in Nicholas Everett Park. Nicholas Everett Park in Oulton Broad is home to a number of animals including squirrels, swans, ducks and geese (to name but […]

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1st October 2012

Bodrum is a port city in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is a beautiful city that is part market, part harbour and part castle. Once known as  Halicarnassus of Caria it was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Little of that ancient world remains in the city but what is there is still beautiful and fascinating. That’s not […]

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Liquid 11 Staff Images

14th September 2012

It surprises a lot of people that the ‘About Us’ page on their websites gets so much traffic. Who would have thought that people are so interested in the staff of a business? The thing is that people like to know the faces behind the company, so your About Us page needs to stand out. Liquid 11 like to push […]

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No5 Bussey Loke

10th August 2012

No5 Bussey Loke is an attractive new build in Bradwell, near Great Yarmouth. In spite of having many great selling points, the estate agents in the area were not doing a good job promoting it. Unhappy with this service, I was contacted to give this property the Chunky treatment. The first aspect of this brief was to create some attractive […]

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24th May 2012

Liquid 11 were one of the first company’s in the UK to take delivery of a Renault Twizy. They bought the car as part of their campaign to make a greener company. This electric car coupled with the new charge points the company has had installed take a big step towards achieving their goals. These photos were part of a […]

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Fonehouse Great Yarmouth

15th November 2011

In 2011, a new branch of Fonehouse based in Bradwell near Great Yarmouth, opened it’s doors. In order to raise awareness of the business and for their own records, I was asked to go in and take a few photos. I took a large number of photos for a variety of uses. Beyond the ones featured on this page I […]

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International Boat Building College, Lowestoft

10th August 2011

This is a series of photos taken at the International Boat Building College in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. It is a college with students from all over the world where they use traditional methods to make some of the most stunning boats. I had the opportunity to take a few photos when I worked in an adjacent building. The work in […]

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Fire and the death of technology

7th December 2007

These pictures were taken as part of a project about the possible death of technology. It was part of an anthology magazine where designers would each create a piece of work based on this theme. In order to get these pictures I set fire to computer equipment and took photos of the results. In some of the photos it is […]

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