Christmas Wallpaper

8th December 2014

SwitchboardFREE always like to do something a little different around holiday season and other special occasions. Along with the usual festive elements added to the website we decided to design some Christmas themed desktop wallpapers for in-office use. We ended up with a starry Christmas tree, a snowflake SwitchboardFREE logo and a happy little Santa on his chilly holiday. It may have been designed […]

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Winter Olympics Wallpapers

6th February 2014

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since the amazing London Olympics of 2012. However, the years have passed and it’s time for the Winter Olympics. To show their support for the 2014 British Winter Olympics team, SwitchboardFREE asked me to design a series of Winter Olympics themed Chunky wallpapers. These wallpapers were produced in a […]

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