Hair Candy Logo

24th April 2017

Hair Candy by Sarah is a small company creates custom made hair accessories. They can be found on facebook (@haircandybysarah) and are accepting orders today. For their logo, they were looking for a friendly illustration of a girl wearing one of their bows for use as a mascot and logo for their company. One of their requirements was that they wanted […]

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T-shirt Designs – Skull, stag & family

5th August 2015

Both illustrations and T-shirts are always a lot of fun to create so this project was particularly enjoyable. After sitting down with the client and discussing his interests, tastes and preferences, I was set the task of coming up with 4 T-Shirt designs that would be printed on white T-shirts. Stags, skulls and the criminal element may not be everyone’s […]

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Flies & Maggots

11th December 2014

The Client: “Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make flies and maggots somehow look friendly, appealing… even cute.” Okay, the brief might not have sounded quite so dramatic but that isn’t far off. After what must have been a completely puzzled expression on my face and maybe a few strangled noises, the answer was, “Challenge accepted!” Liquid 11 Marine […]

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Christmas Wallpaper

8th December 2014

SwitchboardFREE always like to do something a little different around holiday season and other special occasions. Along with the usual festive elements added to the website we decided to design some Christmas themed desktop wallpapers for in-office use. We ended up with a starry Christmas tree, a snowflake SwitchboardFREE logo and a happy little Santa on his chilly holiday. It may have been designed […]

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Windsor Thompson Ads

10th June 2014

Windsor Thompson is a financial claims company.  They have helped a lot of people either reclaim money from Payment Protection Insurance (P.P.I), reduce their debt or sort out their pensions. The project was to try to help raise interest in their services by designing a number of clean and modern ads. These adverts would be placed in a number of newspapers all around the […]

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Winter Olympics Wallpapers

6th February 2014

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since the amazing London Olympics of 2012. However, the years have passed and it’s time for the Winter Olympics. To show their support for the 2014 British Winter Olympics team, SwitchboardFREE asked me to design a series of Winter Olympics themed Chunky wallpapers. These wallpapers were produced in a […]

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Trust Your Tradesmen

28th January 2014

Trust your Tradesmen is an online service that gives recommendations for trusted tradesmen… yep, it’s all right there in the name. They came to me looking for some new branding that included a fun and friendly logo, preferably with an illustrated mascot. The idea behind this was to be able to put a friendly face on their brand and help promote the fact […]

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Captain Compensation

12th November 2013

Captain Compensation is a friendly face to put on a personal injury company. The original brief was to design him for use in adverts for the Sun Newspaper. His earliest incarnation appeared on a number of different adverts and in a previous Adobe Flash based website where he provided a friendly persona to a sometimes scary industry. From there Captain Compensation went through […]

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SwitchboardFREE Infographic

3rd September 2013

SwitchboardFREE is 7 this year. In order to celebrate 7 successful years of business, SwitchboardFREE commissioned this infographic. An infographic is an interesting way of getting across a large amount of information. It relies on strong graphics to relay information in a hopefully easy to understand manner. The aim is to create something that is both interesting and engaging to help educate an audience. […]

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