DS Sports Massage Website

28th November 2016

DS Sports Massage offers sports massage therapy to people in and around Newcastle. Their website was designed to: Help educate potential clients about the benefits of sports massage Showcase the services and treatments offered by DS Sports Massage Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch This website automatically resizes to look its best on any device. Whether […]

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Caldey Grange Logo and Website

25th October 2016

Caldey Grange approached me for help designing a logo that promoted their professionalism, helped portray what the company did, and also pushed the concept of home. It took a few design concepts to incorporate all three elements without one aspect overpowering the others, but we eventually ended up with this which I think nicely features all three elements. One of the key […]

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Chunky Author WordPress Theme

11th February 2016

The Chunky Author WordPress theme has been designed specifically with authors in mind. This easily customisable theme has been designed to put your books first. It gives you the ability to create a custom book library to showcase your books in a way that is completely separate from the rest of the site. You can easily make this theme your […]

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Con-Flab Website

11th February 2015

The Con-Flab conference service has been going from strength to strength. It’s accompanying iPhone app spent a number of weeks in the top business apps chart in the App Store and the service grows year on year. Having undergone a number of redesigns already as the service tried to find it’s place in the world, this most recent one is […]

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New Patrick’s Yard Redesign

4th February 2015

As is often the case when renovating or building, change is inevitable. As New Patrick’s Yard approached completion and the decorators went in, it didn’t take long to realise that the initial branded colours for the office (black and yellow) were no longer the right option… in hindsight they probably never were. Where the black and yellow created a bold […]

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New Patrick’s Yard Website

11th June 2014

New Patrick’s Yard is a newly renovated office building in the heart of Norwich, situated near the train station. It has been fitted out with all the latest technology for your typical modern business. However, it is especially geared to appeal specifically to technical companies. The name ‘New Patrick’s Yard’ came from a combination of elements. The office building was once an old […]

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Mobile Verification

28th May 2014

To go along with a brand new set of features and functionality, the Mobile Verification website was in need of a bit of a spring clean. Rather than just a skin deep, quick fix however, the website was treated to a full Chunky redesign. Some of the key elements of this redesign include: An updated logo A cleaned up, brighter appearance […]

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Liquid Listings

30th April 2014

Liquid Listings was one of those times where it was almost easy to start the branding process. Liquid brings up strong images in my head and I knew that I wanted to somehow marry that with the world of real-estate for the branding of this new letting company. The client loved the brand form the start and it wasn’t long […]

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SwitchboardFREE Redesign

20th February 2014

The SwitchboardFREE redesign brought with it a number of challenges as it always has. With over 35,000 clients who use and love the product, the challenge was to make changes without making too many changes. The website was in need of updating to be mobile ready, freshening it up to modern web standards and giving it a bit of a […]

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Trust Your Tradesmen

28th January 2014

Trust your Tradesmen is an online service that gives recommendations for trusted tradesmen… yep, it’s all right there in the name. They came to me looking for some new branding that included a fun and friendly logo, preferably with an illustrated mascot. The idea behind this was to be able to put a friendly face on their brand and help promote the fact […]

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