Flies & Maggots

11th December 2014

The Client: “Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make flies and maggots somehow look friendly, appealing… even cute.” Okay, the brief might not have sounded quite so dramatic but that isn’t far off. After what must have been a completely puzzled expression on my face and maybe a few strangled noises, the answer was, “Challenge accepted!” Liquid 11 Marine […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2014

25th November 2014

If there’s any time to have  a bit of fun at your own expense, then Christmas is it. This year the Liquid 11 staff got ‘dolled-up’ (Like what I did there?) for the festive, toy themed 2014 Christmas card. This card was the fifth of the annual Christmas cards I have done for Liquid 11 and possibly the most fun yet. Creating this […]

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The Great British Business Show

30th October 2014

The Great British Business Show is one of the biggest events of the year for businesses of all sizes. To make the 2014 event even more impressive, SwitchboardFREE were heading along. When so many people are in attendance and all vying for attention, some well designed promotional items were a must. What was called for were the usual culprits of display stands, flyers […]

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Fireworks Party Invitation

22nd October 2014

It’s all well and good inviting people to your fireworks party, but do they know how to find you? With these invitations there was no excuse for getting lost. Not only was the address on the invitation, but a custom map was designed for the rear of the card. If that wasn’t enough, scanning the QR code on the front […]

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SwitchboardFREE Real Estate Edition

30th August 2014

SwitchboardFREE has become the UK’s largest free call manager in the years that it has been providing its service. It caters to all types of businesses from home workers and SMEs, right through to large corporations. However, there are still many areas in which this powerful service is not being utilised. In order to remedy that, SwitchboardFREE has been creating […]

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Liquid 11 Business Cards – 2014

18th June 2014

Of all the elements of creating or maintaining a new brand, designing business cards always promises to be fun. The aim of the game is to make them eye catching and memorable. At the same time they need to stay true to the qualities of your brand. In most cases, business cards allow a designer chance to come up with some creative ideas […]

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Windsor Thompson Ads

10th June 2014

Windsor Thompson is a financial claims company.  They have helped a lot of people either reclaim money from Payment Protection Insurance (P.P.I), reduce their debt or sort out their pensions. The project was to try to help raise interest in their services by designing a number of clean and modern ads. These adverts would be placed in a number of newspapers all around the […]

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Mobile Verification

28th May 2014

To go along with a brand new set of features and functionality, the Mobile Verification website was in need of a bit of a spring clean. Rather than just a skin deep, quick fix however, the website was treated to a full Chunky redesign. Some of the key elements of this redesign include: An updated logo A cleaned up, brighter appearance […]

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Moleskine Notebooks

9th October 2013

As a big thank you to their customers at Christmas, Liquid 11 Data wanted to ship out some custom branded Moleskine notebooks as presents. For years Moleskine has been at the forefront of premier notebooks used by business professionals and Liquid 11 thought they would make the perfect gift for their valued clients. When designing these books I had to keep […]

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Fonehouse Flyer

7th August 2012

This Fonehouse branch in Bradwell, just outside Great Yarmouth, was looking for a way to increase awareness of their business. They had recently opened and were looking for ways to connect with their local community. They felt that a flyer mailed-out to local addresses was just the thing. As with all mail-out flyers, this was supposed to bring in business. It […]

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