Data Dongle Card

15th December 2011

Liquid 11 Data often work with large files that need to be kept secure. When they can’t trust the internet to those files they use USB data dongles that are sent to their clients. They felt they were missing a trick by not giving their dongles the Chunky treatment. Sending out plain unbranded USB sticks was a waste of an […]

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Fonehouse Upgrade Site

17th November 2011

Most people aren’t aware but you can upgrade your phone earlier than you would think. Networks are worried about people jumping ship at the end of their contracts. Because of this they often let people upgrade their phone as early as 3 months before the end of their contract. Fonehouse Great Yarmouth had just opened their doors and were looking […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2011

15th November 2011

In the 2011 version of the Liquid 11 Christmas Card, the 2nd such card to get the Chunky treatment, I decided to take things up a notch. The key element I wanted to get across with this year’s card was Christmas fun. One thing I’ve learned over my design career is that the easiest way to capture an emotion in a […]

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Compliment Slips

31st October 2011

One of the key rules of branding is that you should never miss an opportunity to reinforce it. Compliment slips are a great way to do this. They give you an opportunity to push your logo and message on your customers. They also give you an opportunity to strengthen your brand with politeness. Saying thank you is only a little […]

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Glass Partition

24th October 2011

Imagine you get a new office. You want to break up the space in your office but maintain the illusion of open plan. You therefore get a lovely new glass partition that looks really nice. However, you then find out that all glass partitions in the UK need to have markings on them. This is what happened to Liquid 11. […]

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SwitchboardFREE for Groupon

8th June 2011

In 2011 Groupon started using SwitchboardFREE numbers for their service. Because of this they needed a rebranded version of the SwitchboardFREE website. Their customers would use this website to assign and manage their numbers. One of the key elements of the brief was to keep the two brands visible and separate. Both were separate services and this was a partnership […]

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Liquid 11 Stairway

1st June 2011

In 2011 Liquid 11 moved their base of operations to Oulton Broad. Their new office was custom built for their needs and perfect for their business. To commemorate the occasion they were looking for a bit of customisation on their stairway. The stairway is the first thing you notice when you enter the Liquid 11 offices. This makes it the […]

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Fonehouse Great Yarmouth Website

5th May 2011

In 2011, a new Fonehouse Franchise opened in Bradwell near Great Yarmouth. As a completely new shop owned and operated by a technical company, they needed a new website. They knew the importance of having an online presence and didn’t want to miss out. This website was built to match the branding of Fonehouse as well as showcase the shop […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2010

15th November 2010

For the 2010 Christmas, technology company Liquid 11 were looking to do something different with their Christmas Cards. They’ve sent out custom cards before but this was the first card they did that got the Chunky treatment. This Christmas card was a lot of fun to create right from the get go. I was pretty much given free reign over […]

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Care Review Bureau

23rd August 2010

Care Review Bureau is a company that specialises in claiming back money for people who have wrongfully paid for care home care. In most cases these claims are worth thousands and there are far too many people who don’t know they can claim. The brief was to create a logo and a website for this company. There were some interesting new […]

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