SwitchboardFREE Infographic

3rd September 2013

SwitchboardFREE is 7 this year. In order to celebrate 7 successful years of business, SwitchboardFREE commissioned this infographic. An infographic is an interesting way of getting across a large amount of information. It relies on strong graphics to relay information in a hopefully easy to understand manner. The aim is to create something that is both interesting and engaging to help educate an audience. […]

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Con-Flab Android App

28th August 2013

Earlier this year the Con-Flab app for iOS really took off. The already popular free conference service saw a burst of new activity from mobile users when the app went live. This popularity gave it a place in the top 100 business apps chart where it remained for a long time. But now customers are asking, “Where’s the app for […]

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Michael Smith Guitar Tuition

8th July 2013

Michael Smith offers guitar tuition for anyone looking to learn the guitar in, or around the Norwich area. He came to me looking for a new logo and a web presence to help launch his guitar tuition business. As a fan of the old school, heavy metal album covers and favouring his electric guitar, it was clear that these were […]

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Data Hub Website

3rd June 2013

As Liquid 11 were looking to consolidate their many data services, they needed a website that could act as a single home for their various data brands. One of the key elements for this website was for it to be fully responsive. Every passing year sees more internet traffic on mobile devices rather than computers. This means that all websites now need to […]

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Liquid 11 Meeting Room

19th April 2013

People tend to view a meeting room as a large space where they can hold meetings (makes sense right?). But if you think about it, it’s also the place where you will make a lot of your most important first impressions. What better place within your office is there to inspire a ‘Wow’ moment? When Liquid 11 decided to add […]

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Con-flab iOS App

11th April 2013

These are the designs for the new iOS app for Con-Flab. Con-Flab is a UK based conference service that has been rising in popularity in recent years. What started out as a tool to use in-house has grown into a very popular service in the UK. For a while its users had been requesting an app and mobile phone support. […]

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Liquid 11 Docs Website

27th March 2013

As the parent company to many smaller companies, Liquid11 have quite a few documents that need a home. From manuals through to invitations, this brief was to design a website to house them all. Obviously it needed to fit with the Liquid11 branding but it also had to be quite creative. A website just for documents could have been all function […]

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Unsubscribe Direct

17th January 2013

When you get nuisance calls, how do you react? Do you calmly ask the caller to unsubscribe you from their calling list? No? I thought not. If you’re anything like me then I bet you want to start shouting at whoever called. Those of us who do start shouting are referred to as “screamers” in the call centre industry. Now, I know […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2012

16th November 2012

The 3rd annual Liquid 11 Christmas card that has been given the Chunky treatment went a bit old school with the design. This year we decided to take a more traditional approach to the Liquid 11 Christmas card. No, I don’t mean buying our Christmas cards from the local supermarket and simply writing in them. I just mean that we went for […]

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SMS Traffic Herding

24th October 2012

Good design makes a complicated subject easy to understand. In the case of SMS Traffic Herding, it was the process as well as the concept that needed work. SMS Traffic Herding is a service that uses text messages to drive traffic to your website. It’s much more effective than email marketing. This is because most of us will open a text message […]

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