Windsor Thompson Ads

10th June 2014

Windsor Thompson is a financial claims company.  They have helped a lot of people either reclaim money from Payment Protection Insurance (P.P.I), reduce their debt or sort out their pensions. The project was to try to help raise interest in their services by designing a number of clean and modern ads. These adverts would be placed in a number of newspapers all around the […]

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Mobile Verification

28th May 2014

To go along with a brand new set of features and functionality, the Mobile Verification website was in need of a bit of a spring clean. Rather than just a skin deep, quick fix however, the website was treated to a full Chunky redesign. Some of the key elements of this redesign include: An updated logo A cleaned up, brighter appearance […]

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SwitchboardFREE iPhone App

15th May 2014

When their customers started asking for a SwitchboardFREE app in 2010, SwitchboardFREE listened and got to work. It was a new field for them so there was a lot of trial and error before the app made it to the market, but make it did. 4 years later they were ready to get rid of the old one and rewrite a new, sleeker […]

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Liquid Listings

30th April 2014

Liquid Listings was one of those times where it was almost easy to start the branding process. Liquid brings up strong images in my head and I knew that I wanted to somehow marry that with the world of real-estate for the branding of this new letting company. The client loved the brand form the start and it wasn’t long […]

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SwitchboardFREE Redesign

20th February 2014

The SwitchboardFREE redesign brought with it a number of challenges as it always has. With over 35,000 clients who use and love the product, the challenge was to make changes without making too many changes. The website was in need of updating to be mobile ready, freshening it up to modern web standards and giving it a bit of a […]

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Winter Olympics Wallpapers

6th February 2014

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since the amazing London Olympics of 2012. However, the years have passed and it’s time for the Winter Olympics. To show their support for the 2014 British Winter Olympics team, SwitchboardFREE asked me to design a series of Winter Olympics themed Chunky wallpapers. These wallpapers were produced in a […]

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Trust Your Tradesmen

28th January 2014

Trust your Tradesmen is an online service that gives recommendations for trusted tradesmen… yep, it’s all right there in the name. They came to me looking for some new branding that included a fun and friendly logo, preferably with an illustrated mascot. The idea behind this was to be able to put a friendly face on their brand and help promote the fact […]

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Captain Compensation

12th November 2013

Captain Compensation is a friendly face to put on a personal injury company. The original brief was to design him for use in adverts for the Sun Newspaper. His earliest incarnation appeared on a number of different adverts and in a previous Adobe Flash based website where he provided a friendly persona to a sometimes scary industry. From there Captain Compensation went through […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2013

11th November 2013

Once again as Christmas rolled around, I was afforded the opportunity to have a bit of fun with my camera and photoshop. That’s right, it’s time for the 2013 Liquid 11 Christmas card. These Liquid11 Christmas cards have become a tradition for me and this company with this being the 4th in the series so far. With each year it’s […]

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Moleskine Notebooks

9th October 2013

As a big thank you to their customers at Christmas, Liquid 11 Data wanted to ship out some custom branded Moleskine notebooks as presents. For years Moleskine has been at the forefront of premier notebooks used by business professionals and Liquid 11 thought they would make the perfect gift for their valued clients. When designing these books I had to keep […]

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