Con-Flab Website

11th February 2015

The Con-Flab conference service has been going from strength to strength. It’s accompanying iPhone app spent a number of weeks in the top business apps chart in the App Store and the service grows year on year. Having undergone a number of redesigns already as the service tried to find it’s place in the world, this most recent one is […]

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New Patrick’s Yard Redesign

4th February 2015

As is often the case when renovating or building, change is inevitable. As New Patrick’s Yard approached completion and the decorators went in, it didn’t take long to realise that the initial branded colours for the office (black and yellow) were no longer the right option… in hindsight they probably never were. Where the black and yellow created a bold […]

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Flies & Maggots

11th December 2014

The Client: “Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make flies and maggots somehow look friendly, appealing… even cute.” Okay, the brief might not have sounded quite so dramatic but that isn’t far off. After what must have been a completely puzzled expression on my face and maybe a few strangled noises, the answer was, “Challenge accepted!” Liquid 11 Marine […]

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Christmas Wallpaper

8th December 2014

SwitchboardFREE always like to do something a little different around holiday season and other special occasions. Along with the usual festive elements added to the website we decided to design some Christmas themed desktop wallpapers for in-office use. We ended up with a starry Christmas tree, a snowflake SwitchboardFREE logo and a happy little Santa on his chilly holiday. It may have been designed […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2014

25th November 2014

If there’s any time to have  a bit of fun at your own expense, then Christmas is it. This year the Liquid 11 staff got ‘dolled-up’ (Like what I did there?) for the festive, toy themed 2014 Christmas card. This card was the fifth of the annual Christmas cards I have done for Liquid 11 and possibly the most fun yet. Creating this […]

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The Great British Business Show

30th October 2014

The Great British Business Show is one of the biggest events of the year for businesses of all sizes. To make the 2014 event even more impressive, SwitchboardFREE were heading along. When so many people are in attendance and all vying for attention, some well designed promotional items were a must. What was called for were the usual culprits of display stands, flyers […]

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Fireworks Party Invitation

22nd October 2014

It’s all well and good inviting people to your fireworks party, but do they know how to find you? With these invitations there was no excuse for getting lost. Not only was the address on the invitation, but a custom map was designed for the rear of the card. If that wasn’t enough, scanning the QR code on the front […]

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SwitchboardFREE Real Estate Edition

30th August 2014

SwitchboardFREE has become the UK’s largest free call manager in the years that it has been providing its service. It caters to all types of businesses from home workers and SMEs, right through to large corporations. However, there are still many areas in which this powerful service is not being utilised. In order to remedy that, SwitchboardFREE has been creating […]

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Liquid 11 Business Cards – 2014

18th June 2014

Of all the elements of creating or maintaining a new brand, designing business cards always promises to be fun. The aim of the game is to make them eye catching and memorable. At the same time they need to stay true to the qualities of your brand. In most cases, business cards allow a designer chance to come up with some creative ideas […]

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New Patrick’s Yard Website

11th June 2014

New Patrick’s Yard is a newly renovated office building in the heart of Norwich, situated near the train station. It has been fitted out with all the latest technology for your typical modern business. However, it is especially geared to appeal specifically to technical companies. The name ‘New Patrick’s Yard’ came from a combination of elements. The office building was once an old […]

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