The Great British Business Show

30th October 2014

The Great British Business Show is one of the biggest events of the year for businesses of all sizes. To make the 2014 event even more impressive, SwitchboardFREE were heading along. When so many people are in attendance and all vying for attention, some well designed promotional items were a must. What was called for were the usual culprits of display stands, flyers […]

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Liquid 11 Meeting Room

19th April 2013

People tend to view a meeting room as a large space where they can hold meetings (makes sense right?). But if you think about it, it’s also the place where you will make a lot of your most important first impressions. What better place within your office is there to inspire a ‘Wow’ moment? When Liquid 11 decided to add […]

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Twizy Graphics

29th May 2012

In an effort to create a greener company and a healthier world, Liquid11 introduces their new Renault Twizy. They’ve bought this tiny car along with setting up some new charge points, the first in Lowestoft. It was my job to fit some branding to this bad boy… the trouble is in finding a space big enough for some graphics. The […]

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Glass Partition

24th October 2011

Imagine you get a new office. You want to break up the space in your office but maintain the illusion of open plan. You therefore get a lovely new glass partition that looks really nice. However, you then find out that all glass partitions in the UK need to have markings on them. This is what happened to Liquid 11. […]

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Liquid 11 Stairway

1st June 2011

In 2011 Liquid 11 moved their base of operations to Oulton Broad. Their new office was custom built for their needs and perfect for their business. To commemorate the occasion they were looking for a bit of customisation on their stairway. The stairway is the first thing you notice when you enter the Liquid 11 offices. This makes it the […]

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