Fireworks Party Invitation

22nd October 2014

It’s all well and good inviting people to your fireworks party, but do they know how to find you? With these invitations there was no excuse for getting lost. Not only was the address on the invitation, but a custom map was designed for the rear of the card. If that wasn’t enough, scanning the QR code on the front […]

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Lowestoft’s First Electric Chargepoint

7th June 2012

This invitation is┬áto invite people to the opening of Lowestoft’s first electric chargepoint. It was a promotional event hosted by Liquid 11 and a starting step in their going green campaign. After buying their electric car, the Reanult Twizy, they needed somewhere to charge it. They were also looking to help improve their environmental impact. This chargepoint offers them a […]

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