Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2014

25th November 2014

If there’s any time to have  a bit of fun at your own expense, then Christmas is it. This year the Liquid 11 staff got ‘dolled-up’ (Like what I did there?) for the festive, toy themed 2014 Christmas card. This card was the fifth of the annual Christmas cards I have done for Liquid 11 and possibly the most fun yet. Creating this […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2013

11th November 2013

Once again as Christmas rolled around, I was afforded the opportunity to have a bit of fun with my camera and photoshop. That’s right, it’s time for the 2013 Liquid 11 Christmas card. These Liquid11 Christmas cards have become a tradition for me and this company with this being the 4th in the series so far. With each year it’s […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2012

16th November 2012

The 3rd annual Liquid 11 Christmas card that has been given the Chunky treatment went a bit old school with the design. This year we decided to take a more traditional approach to the Liquid 11 Christmas card. No, I don’t mean buying our Christmas cards from the local supermarket and simply writing in them. I just mean that we went for […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2011

15th November 2011

In the 2011 version of the Liquid 11 Christmas Card, the 2nd such card to get the Chunky treatment, I decided to take things up a notch. The key element I wanted to get across with this year’s card was Christmas fun. One thing I’ve learned over my design career is that the easiest way to capture an emotion in a […]

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Liquid 11 Christmas Card – 2010

15th November 2010

For the 2010 Christmas, technology company Liquid 11 were looking to do something different with their Christmas Cards. They’ve sent out custom cards before but this was the first card they did that got the Chunky treatment. This Christmas card was a lot of fun to create right from the get go. I was pretty much given free reign over […]

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