SwitchboardFREE iPhone App

15th May 2014

When their customers started asking for a SwitchboardFREE app in 2010, SwitchboardFREE listened and got to work. It was a new field for them so there was a lot of trial and error before the app made it to the market, but make it did. 4 years later they were ready to get rid of the old one and rewrite a new, sleeker […]

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Con-Flab Android App

28th August 2013

Earlier this year the Con-Flab app for iOS really took off. The already popular free conference service saw a burst of new activity from mobile users when the app went live. This popularity gave it a place in the top 100 business apps chart where it remained for a long time. But now customers are asking, “Where’s the app for […]

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Con-flab iOS App

11th April 2013

These are the designs for the new iOS app for Con-Flab. Con-Flab is a UK based conference service that has been rising in popularity in recent years. What started out as a tool to use in-house has grown into a very popular service in the UK. For a while its users had been requesting an app and mobile phone support. […]

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