Client: Captain Compensation

Date: 12th November 2013

Project Description:

Captain Compensation is a friendly face to put on a personal injury company.

The original brief was to design him for use in adverts for the Sun Newspaper. His earliest incarnation appeared on a number of different adverts and in a previous Adobe Flash based website where he provided a friendly persona to a sometimes scary industry.

From there Captain Compensation went through a few different versions, two websites and a number of new adverts before evolving into the character seen today. Depicted on this page are the latest version of the website as well as the 3 latest versions of the captain himself.

Over the years the captain has been a lot of fun and has appeared in some surprising places. There was even a brief stint where he took pride of place on his own TV advert.

Due to legislation changes in the industry however, he is now retired… or is he? Who knows, maybe the world hasn’t seen the last of Captain Compensation.

Article Type:

Captain Compensation V1

Captain Compensation v1

Captain Compensation v2

Captain Compensation Website

Captain Compensation Sun Ads