Client: Caldey Grange

Date: 25th October 2016

Project Description:

Caldey Grange approached me for help designing a logo that promoted their professionalism, helped portray what the company did, and also pushed the concept of home.

It took a few design concepts to incorporate all three elements without one aspect overpowering the others, but we eventually ended up with this which I think nicely features all three elements. One of the key aspects to making this design work was the colour scheme as we needed to find the right colours to make this design feel like it belonged to a care home.

As is often the case, once the logo has been created, the design for the website came together much quicker. A good logo will give you things like a colour and style guide, and using it as a base along with the client’s requirements, the website came together quite nicely.

With the website I wanted to reinforce the values of the logo, creating a design that looked professional while at the same time having elements that softened it to give it a ‘home away from home’ feel. To help with that, the design incorporated textured elements as well as some unusual triangle patterns to break up the some of the otherwise harsh lines of a more corporate looking website.

Another key aspect of this website design was to bear in mind the target audience. This website is designed to be used by an older generation who aren’t as impressed with flashy design concepts and are looking for something more traditional and easy to use.

As this website was developed using WordPress, Caldey Grange has complete control of their website’s content. This includes things like changing the headers, updating the menus (both food and navigation), changing the wording, adding and removing pages, adding blog/news posts, and so much more.

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