There's more to love with a Chunky Book Cover There's more to love with a Book Cover
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A Chunky book cover can help your book stand out from the competition

It doesn't matter how good your book is, if you don't have a cover that does your book justice then very few people are ever going to read it.

As much as we all know that we should ‘never judge a book by its cover’ we also all know that book covers are in fact the first thing that potential readers judge about books. A good book cover could be the difference between a potential reader picking your book from the shelf or going home with a book from your competition.

Don't let inferior books with good covers steal your potential readers. Get yourself a Chunky book cover today so that your book will stand out from the rest.

Chunky book covers are designed specifically for you

We have all seen those books that have a cover that might look great, but does not correctly represent the content of the book. This will never happen with a Chunky book cover. All Chunky book covers are designed after conversations with the client about the content of their books as well as their tastes.

Your chunky book cover will be tailor-made for you and your book to result in the best possible cover to suit your needs.

A Chunky book cover can be designed for any book, no matter the genre

Whether you write in some magical world with wizards and dragons, or you keep your prose firmly grounded in reality, you can still benefit from a Chunky book cover.

The Chunky Designer has experience designing in many disciplines and for a wide range of clients. With each new project the important thing is to create work that caters to the tastes of the client, not the taste of the designer. Therefore, whatever your genre, tastes or requirements, The Chunky Designer has you covered.

Not enough? There's still more to love

Web Design

Web Design

A good web presence is vital to any modern author. Take control of how your potential readers see you online with a beautiful website built specifically for you.



Branding isn't just for businesses. As an author you will have a personal brand that is vitally important to how your customers see you.



An illustration can be the perfect way to add some personality to a project. It can also take the edge off otherwise intimidating information.

And More...

And more...

The Chunky Designer has experience with most aspects of design. Whatever the project, it will benefit from the Chunky treatment.

With so much to love, what are you waiting for?

Websites, branding, illustration and more. The Chunky Designer is the only contact you need for all your design requirements.

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