Client: Chunky Photos

Date: 10th August 2011

Project Description:

This is a series of photos taken at the International Boat Building College in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. It is a college with students from all over the world where they use traditional methods to make some of the most stunning boats. I had the opportunity to take a few photos when I worked in an adjacent building.

The work in the college is amazing. The craft there is primarily wood work and it is all finished to an incredibly high quality. It was fascinating to see some of the boats in various levels of their build process.

These photos were not part of a project but more out of curiosity. A selection of the photos were gifted to the college in case they ever wanted to use them for promotional reasons. Mainly this was more of an artistic shoot where I simply photographed what I felt was aesthetically pleasing.

However, I also think that these are  a good examples of photos that could be part of a Chunky Designer project. They would look good in a prospectus, on a website or in any number of future projects for this institution.

Article Type:

Engine at the boat building college

Ship wreck 01

Ship wreck 02

Boat 10

Boat 09

Boat 08

Boat 07

Boat 06

Boat 05

Boat 04

Boat 03

Boat 02

Boat 01