Client: Chunky Photos

Date: 19th February 2014

Project Description:

Along with being a picturesque place to work, Oulton Broad provided me with some interesting routes to walk on my lunch break. One of those routes was the footpath around the broads that starts in Nicholas Everett Park.

Nicholas Everett Park in Oulton Broad is home to a number of animals including squirrels, swans, ducks and geese (to name but a few of the residents) who were more than happy to model for me as I took my camera out for a walk.

These animals are certainly not shy around people and they almost seemed to pose for the camera at times. In fact, keep some acorns or nuts in your hand and hold them out for the squirrels, and the cheeky little things will run right up and take it directly from you.

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A picture of a Goose from Oulton Broad

Goose 02

Goose 03

Squirrel 01

Squirrel 02